5 Quick And Healthy Pregnancy Snack Ideas

Are you getting hungry after a meal? 

Well, it’s common for pregnant women to get hungry again. However, this is not the main problem here. The real struggle a pregnant woman feels is when they have to decide what to snack on. Sometimes, they just grab anything they get their hands on because they don’t know how to satisfy this late-night pregnancy craving with snacks. This is why we have come up with 5 quick and healthy pregnancy snack ideas you can prepare during your pregnancy that will surely satisfy your craving while maintaning your health during pregnancy

Pregnancy Snack ideas

Why Do Women Crave Snacks During Pregnancy?

We all have heard the stories and talks of women craving ice-creams at night, sending their husbands off to buy tacos. But do you know why women behave like this during pregnancy? This change in behavior includes mood swings and feeling sleepy and nauseous. The science behind all of this states that women go through a hormonal change in their body during pregnancy, and this hormonal change makes them crave certain foods like pickles, sweets, chocolate etc.

Sometimes, there are other reasons behind specific cravings, such as craving for fruits, which indicates the body needs vitamin C, or snacking on milk chocolate, which indicates the need for calcium during pregnancy.

Why Should Snacks Be Healthy?

Till now, we have talked about all the cravings, but let’s make the concept of healthy snacking clear. As we already know, a pregnant woman eats for two people. So when they snack on junk and oily food, their body doesn’t get the proper nutrition they need; this can also lead to difficulty while delivering the baby.

But hey! Stay motivated because here we have some very tasty yet healthy snacks that will make you forget those bad snacking habits.

Some Quick And Tasty Snack Recipes

1. Veggies And Chips With Guacamole

Preparation:- take 1 ripped avocado, peel it, smash it, throw in some chopped tomatoes, onions, and cilantro and squeeze in 1 lime. You have your mouthwatering guacamole ready in no time. Now, get some fresh veggies or chips to enjoy this tasty and craving-satisfying dip to dig in.

What makes this top our list is its nutritional value. Containing sodium, calories, and a good amount of calories, guacamole completes your nutrition diet while offering you a blast of taste in your mouth.

pregnancy snack ideas
2. Hummus With Tortilla

Preparation:- Hummus is a super tasty and healthy spread that is very easy to make. All you need is some cooked chickpeas, tahini (grounded sesame seeds), lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and salt. Just throw all of them in a blender, and that’s it! Serve this hummus with tortilla, chips and veggies, or eat a spoonful of it!

If we count down the benefits of hummus, there’s a good amount of sodium, fat, protein and Dietary fibre that makes your snack very nutritious.

3. Homemade Kale Chips

Preparation:- Okay, we know you crave those salted, fried potato chips, but we have a better option that is too healthy and tasty. Kale is a leafy cabbage from the cabbage family. We usually have kale in a salad, sometimes just toasted with olive oil. But to satisfy your snacking needs, let’s make kale chips.

To make these chips, you need three ingredients- fresh kale, salt and olive oil. Drizzle olive oil on kale in a baking tray, sprinkle salt, and bake it for about 20 minutes. Next, take out the tray and let the chips rest for a few seconds. Now, they are ready to replace those greasy potato chips.

pregnancy snack ideas
4. Mashed Avocado On Crackers

Preparation:- Well, there is little to prepare. Just smash an avocado and add salt and olive oil. Put this on crackers, and enjoy!

This avocado paste or dip can also be eaten with other things like bread, veggies, chips, or maybe rice sometimes. It all depends on your mood, which may swing at any time.

5. Spinach Pesto With Pasta

Preparation:- Another simple and easy recipe to prepare is spinach pesto with pasta. Get some pesto sauce, boil pasta, and shredded parmesan cheese. Now, mix all these ingredients together to have a tasty pasta ready in just a few minutes.

If not for snacks, spinach pesto with pasta can be a great dinner option. Just pair it with some homemade garlic bread.

Don't want to cook? Here are some of the best combinations to try:-

Cooking can not be the best thing you want to do to satisfy your snack craving. This is why we have come up with some of the best combinations to try without much cooking or preparing.

pregnancy snack ideas

Sweet trail mix
Peanut butter with apples and pears
Celery filled with peanut butter
Cottage cheese with fruits
Fruit and nuts
Cottage cheese and fruit
Mashed avocado on crackers
Protein Bar and Fruit
Watermelon with lime

Ease Your Journey with Pelvic Care for a Pain-Free Pregnancy!

pregnancy snack ideas

Other Things To Consider During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a new feeling and a journey full of emotional rides. During these rides, you may crave sour food, get angry and cry in the middle of the night. Except for emotions, foot and back pain comes as a bonus. As we have shared the solution to your snack craving, let us give you advice on your pain.

During pregnancy, it is important to take care of your body. How? Well, Pelvic Floor physiotherapy is one of the best things one could do. There are multiple benefits of physiotherapy for pregnancy. Here are some of those:-

Pain Relief

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Posture Improvement

Reduced Swelling

Preparation for Labor

Education on Body Changes
Emotional Well-being

In A Nutshell,

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of challenges, and managing cravings while prioritizing healthy choices can be tough. Embrace the changes in your body and listen to its needs. Also, don’t avoid eating healthy, These delicious healthy pregnancy snacks can satisfy your cravings and nourish your growing baby.

So, the next time you feel a pang of hunger, whip up a batch of guacamole, munch on some homemade kale chips, or enjoy a refreshing fruit smoothie. And when cooking feels like a hurdle, grab a handful of nuts and berries or indulge in a protein bar with fruit. Remember, pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative time. You can navigate this journey with grace and confidence by incorporating healthy snacking habits and practising self-care rituals like physiotherapy. Also, if you are feeling back pain or pelvic pain then do contact a pelvic floor expert who can help you ease this pain and will support you throughout your pregnancy journey.