How Physiotherapy Helps Alleviate Pain

Have you been struggling with pain? Do you want to find lasting relief? At Creekwood Physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB, our physiotherapists are highly trained at helping people with acute and chronic pain. We use the most advanced strategies to help you manage your pain and get back to the activities you have been avoiding due to the pain!

Pain affects people in different ways. We now know that pain is influenced by multiple factors, including physical, mental/emotional, and cultural differences. Symptoms can persist for weeks to years and become chronic and even debilitating for some.

Pain is one of the major factors responsible for limits in life or work activities. In addition, pain is one of the main reasons people seek medical care and is associated with decreased quality of life, drug/medication dependence, and poor mental health.

Our team at Creekwood Physiotherapy understands the complexity of pain management and how to guide you to relief effectively. If you are suffering from pain and would like to learn how to help, don’t hesitate to request an appointment today!

What is pain?

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. As physiotherapists, we commonly deal with musculoskeletal pain, which is defined as pain that affects bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. If musculoskeletal pain interferes with your usual activities, it is essential to have a physical therapist assess your situation sooner than later.

Pain is often divided into two main categories, acute and chronic.

Acute pain: This type of pain begins suddenly and is typically sharp in quality. Acute pain might be caused by many events or circumstances, including:

  • Surgical pain
  • Traumatic pain (i.e., broken bone and/or sprain/strains)

One of the primary roles pain serves is a warning of disease or a threat to the body. The pure physiological aspect of pain is a warning and/or a clue about what the body is experiencing. The emotional and cultural influences affect the intensity and quality/description of pain.

Too often, we are influenced by just the intensity of the pain. But the duration of the pain is a more reliable indicator of the condition. For example, pain spikes and goes away immediately is the body’s way of saying, “pay attention to this.”

Too often, people wait far too long to seek help, hoping it will go away. But the normal healing cycle is typically completed in a matter of weeks, so pain that has persisted for months needs to be addressed. Whereas pain that increases and stays increased, especially for days or weeks, indicates injury and/or disease.

Chronic Pain: This type of pain lasts beyond the expected recovery period and/or occurs with a chronic health condition (i.e., fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.). Although people often feel their pain is constant, most people experience cyclical pain. Meaning the pain has hills and valleys.

One of the classic signs of chronic pain is the period of improvement becoming shorter, whereas the periods of severe pain become longer. Other factors often contribute to chronic pain, including:

  • Beliefs about the body and beliefs about pain play an influential role in behavioral and emotional responses to musculoskeletal pain. In other words, what a person believes and how they respond to pain can influence how long they have pain and how disabled they will be.
  • People with depression and anxiety experience the most significant pain severity and pain-related disability. In addition, mental health impairments also lead to longer durations of pain and a poorer overall quality of life.
  • Sleep also plays a significant role in the development of chronic pain. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know if pain affects sleep or lack of sleep affects pain. In all likelihood, it is a combination of both factors influencing the other.

What to expect at physiotherapy

At Creekwood Physiotherapy, our team of physiotherapists understands how important it is to address the totality of the individual. Although pain is a physical phenomenon, it is also influenced by mental/emotional, social, and cultural factors, and neglecting any particular aspect may affect the severity and duration of pain.

Your initial evaluation will consist of a thorough history and physical examination to determine all the factors that may be contributing to your condition and experience of pain. We will devise a plan that incorporates the physical, psychological, emotional, and social or occupational factors for optimal healing and pain relief.

Our team will use proven techniques, including targeted manual therapy, exercises (including aerobic exercises), and any modality that can help alleviate pain. In addition, our team is trained to use psychological techniques in conjunction with our therapeutic exercises to ensure the resolution and management of pain.

No matter the nature of your condition, our Edmonton team can help!

Request an appointment at Creekwood Physiotherapy today!

At Creekwood Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists understand the multitude of factors that contribute to the experience of pain and, more importantly, the resolution of pain. Call today to learn how we can help you feel good again!

Physiotherapy: a safe, natural, and effective solution

According to research on back pain, physiotherapy treatments are effective for acute and chronic conditions. Manual therapy, joint mobilization manipulation, exercise instruction, education, and techniques such as the McKenzie Method and therapeutic yoga are examples of physiotherapy treatments for back pain. All of these have been shown to help relieve pain and restore function.

Physiotherapists evaluate your specific condition to identify and address all contributing factors of your back pain. Rather than focusing on a single source of pain, your physiotherapist will address all of them.

At Creekwood Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are experienced in hands-on intervention and exercise selection. So you can be sure you’ll receive the most comprehensive and appropriate treatment plan to help you resolve your pain and/or restore your function.

Request an appointment with Creekwood Physiotherapy today!

Whether you are considering surgery or already have a surgical date, call our Edmonton, AB office to schedule a free physiotherapy consultation and start experiencing relief.


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