Why Is Physiotherapy Even More Important In Winters?

Physiotherapy for Pain Relief

Have you ever strained your back shoveling heavy snow? Do you find it challenging to stay active through the winter months? At CREEKWOOD PHYSIOTHERAPY, in EDMONTON, ALBERTA, our physiotherapists will work with you to resolve any injury, help you prepare for winter, and stay active with outdoor activities!

Staying safe and healthy can be challenging as the daylight hours grow shorter, and the cold temperatures bring icy conditions outside. With winter comes risks like getting injured from a strain while shoveling or slipping on ice as you walk in a parking lot.

Physiotherapy at CREEKWOOD PHYSIOTHERAPY provides the whole spectrum of care. We can help identify restrictions and weaknesses that leave you susceptible to injuries and conduct movement screenings and balance and gait assessments to help ensure your body is prepared for the cold weather and icy conditions that are on its way.

Our physiotherapists are also highly skilled at resolving old and new injuries and giving you the tools to maximize your physical potential so you can stay active no matter what season it is!

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Practical steps to get prepared for winter weather

Physiotherapy at CREEKWOOD PHYSIOTHERAPY, in EDMONTON, ALBERTA is an effective way to resolve aches and pains, and learning the proper steps to take can help you keep doing the things you enjoy no matter the conditions. Our team will guide you through the preparation and planning to help you stay safe and active in the winter months.

One of the most critical steps is wearing appropriate outdoor clothing. Cover your head, hands, and feet with hats, gloves/mittens, and insulated/waterproof boots. Choose tightly woven, preferably wind-resistant jackets and light, warm clothing layers.

Ideally, you will stay off the ice when possible, but if you plan to run or walk on snowy, icy surfaces, attaching snow or ice spikes to your boots or running shoes will help you maintain traction to reduce the risk of falls.

Some of the most common winter-related injuries result from falls on icy sidewalks, steps, driveways, and porches. Do your best to keep your steps and walkways clear and free of ice by using sand, salt, or cat litter. Be careful wearing spikes on the pavement, as they are designed to penetrate the ground and may not dig in on hard pavement, affecting your balance.

What to expect from your physiotherapy sessions

Too often, people wait until a minor ache or pain has become a full-blown injury. The key to staying active is dealing with any issue when it is minor and, even better, preventing problems in the first place.

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective options to help people stay injury free, no matter the season. Our EDMONTON, ALBERTA physiotherapists will perform a thorough examination that includes your medical history and movement screenings to identify any risk factor, past injury, or health condition that may affect your ability to stay safe and active this winter.

We use this information to provide you with a comprehensive program tailored to your needs. Our initial focus will be to resolve any old issues, including weaknesses, mobility restrictions, or balance and coordination deficits. Our goal is to make sure you are safe, first and foremost.

Preventing injuries often comes down to a properly designed program that addresses common limitations that make you more susceptible to injury, including:

  • History of a previous injury
  • Limited joint mobility 
  • Spinal/pelvic muscle weaknesses (aka “core” weakness)
  • Balance and gait dysfunction
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Improper posture or poor lifting techniques can affect you when shoveling

Our team will use targeted manual therapy techniques, stretching and mobility exercises, strengthening, and any pain relieving method we deem appropriate. We will address your risk of falls with balance and coordination drills and gait activities to ensure you can get out and be active this winter.

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Our highly trained physiotherapists at CREEKWOOD PHYSIOTHERAPY can help you stay safe and active this winter. Our team will guide you through the spectrum of care, from prevention to treatment and enhanced health and well-being. We’ve got you covered!

Contact us today to learn more about our programs to help you live healthier lives, no matter what season it may be!


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